Hey folks!

Long and short of it is that I’ve been hearing a noise from what I am pretty certain is the left-front wheel area of Humdrum for a month or two now. It’s a grindy-clunking that is wheel-speed dependent and seems most noticeable under harder braking and sometimes under slower right turns (rarely). I can sometimes BARELY feel it through the pedal as well. No shuddering or vibrations, no pulling to the left or right - just the noise and the sporadic slight feeling of each ‘clunk’ through the pedal. Car drives perfectly fine otherwise.

I’m thinking brake pads somehow maybe? Doubting it’s the CV shaft as I had that replaced on the same front-left wheel back in February and this sound is different to that from what I recall.

Any thoughts? I would try and record the sound, but I don’t have any mics sensitive enough to pick it up...

I took it to the dealer and asked them to investigate about a month ago - as per standard bullshit dealer actions, they never really told me exactly what the issue was and somehow suggested the whole brake system needed a service for $500 CAD plus tax, and that they thought the rear handbrake system was somehow the culprit (...but the sound is coming from the front wheels...?)...so I told them I would get back to them, never have and have been living with it since.

Thanks for your collective help and knowledge!