Update: It dropped below $70 on Amazon, so I just ordered another Seiko 5. All is right with the world.

I had this, and I loved it. But, apparently they’re $90 on Amazon now, which I’m not paying for a watch that was $50 when I bought it.


I also have a Master Control, but I don’t wear it much, because I have a tendency to smash my wrists into things. Also, I managed to completely lose this cheap Seiko watch, so I can’t be trusted with nice things.

What I’m looking for:

Under $100, so I can lose and or break it without feeling bad.

Earth tone or it has a face that will allow for a green or brown nylon/NATO strap.

Minimal or no branding.

I loved the Seiko, because the idea of a sub-$100 automatic is cool—even if it lost time like a stoner—but it doesn’t have to be an automatic.


My first thought is just this cheap Weekender, but I’d be interested in something more obscure.

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