Oppo review

Free Amazon samples edition. Just in time for lunch!

Protein powder huh... If this is what comes from tech companies storing my data, I’m all for it.


So, how does it taste?

Bad. Very bad. Imagine taking a bar of unsweetened chocolate, microwaving it JUST enough for it to get soft, covering the bar in table salt and then putting said bar in a blender, mixed with pond water.


At first taste it’s just like any other subpar chocolate protein powder. Nothing special, but drinkable. That aftertaste though... Ughhh. It lingers on the tongue. Bitter and salty, remaining long after the *flavor* is gone. Still not the worst I’ve had, but I’m giving it a 2/10.

As a self-proclaimed lava cake aficionado, I was hoping for more :/

(edit) oh and if you haven’t stepped up to the metal blender bottles yet.... What are you doing? These ones don’t crack, they don’t smell like ass after a few weeks of use, the cap doesn’t pop off with temperature changes, and they’re great for mixing cocktails in a pinch lol


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