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Oppo review: Prison Showers

So, I’ve recently posted that I’m out in Central Washington for the wildfires. The building I’m parked out in front of (we’ve got a command vehicle as well as a modified RV for sleeping, but it’s not big enough for all of us, so myself and the other Comm guy sleep on cots in the command vehicle) had a sewage backup and we can’t use their shower facilities anymore. Thankfully, the tribal prison that is attached to the building is allowing us to use their restrooms and showers. We thought the inmates were still there, but it turns out that they were evacuated a while ago (the fire is about 3-5 miles from us as of last night).

Anyway, I had to sign in, and be escorted back to the booking area where the search/shower is located. The toilet/sink combo looked just like in the video (there must be a company making a ton of money manufacturing them) and the shower was a single stall with two shower heads. One sprays stinging little streams of water in every direction. The other is more like a spigot in the side of your house. There are no knobs, just buttons that turn the water on for about 10-15 seconds. Thankfully the water was warm and the shower felt pretty good after not having one yesterday.

All in all, I never planned to go to prison, and this helped solidify that.

(Full Disclosure: The tribal prison I’m working next to wanted me to review their showers so badly, that they let me in at 6am this morning and didn’t even use delousing powder!)


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