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Neighbor bought a thing. Goes great with his modded sti. This condominium is becoming absolutely overrun with enthusiasts and I love it. It’s literally a 1:1 ratio of car guys/girls to normies.

It’s a stingray with every performance option checked, and it sounds insanely good. It also returned 32mpg on a highway stretch. That’s absolutely unfair. I wonder if I could swap a V8 with cylinder deactivation into the Miata... Anyways. Interior is simple, but quite nice. Very much driver focused. The windshield is so slanted that visibility is a bit rough for tall people. If this was my car I’d be looking into a lower seating solution. We went for a quick drive and... Well. Fuck turbos. I need a V8 in my life. This is the kind of car where you can pass anyone, in any gear, at any speed, any time. Did I mention the sound? Oh and the engine bay has SO MUCH SPACE FOR ACTIVITIES. Or a supercharger. We drove this back to back with the 400whp sti, and they both hit the same speed on banked onramps, despite zero familiarity with the Corvette. So yeah, it grips hard.


I still wouldn’t want to own a Vette... But it sure is a nice package. I wish GM would put everything in a body-style that isn’t a Corvette/Camaro/American muscle car if you get what I’m saying...

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