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Oppo Review: Straight piped v10 m5

(Full disclosure, BMW wanted me to drive a v10 m5 so bad that they made me fall in love with an m3 for nearly three years now and made me tempted to go louder on my exhaust at the same time my friend with an m5 is considering going to a newer m3.)

Exterior: 9/10


BMW bangle design, you either love it or hate it. All new bmws look to similar and bubbly and huge, and the e60 still looks amazing after over 10 years. Sadly didn’t manage to take many photos last night as it was too dark, but this is it from cars and coffee earlier this year.

Interior: 8/10


(Generic Photo)

Leather dash, alcantara roof, and nice feeling materials. Some of the buttons felt clunky and kind of cheap, and the ergonomics were a bit off. Like the bottom row of buttons were too small and a far reach. The overall size of the interior felt perfect, not too big, not too small. One thing the m5 does amazingly right is the seats. Best seats ever, even more comfy then my w221 S class. Nice, supportive, and they fit me like a glove.


Powerrrrrr!!!!: 8/10

500hp v10, it got the job done even in 400hp mode but doesn’t quite take the breath away like a f10 m5. But the v10 just felt special, it felt more exotic then a normal fast sedan feel. -2 Because the gas mileage was in the single digits.


Braking: 8/10

I’m going to go ahead and assume these are single piston and either the same brakes as my m3, or very similar. The brake feel was great. But if they’re like my m3, repeated braking they’ll start to fade. But unless your at the track or setting a coast to coast speed record, you won’t notice it. They bite hard and didn’t feel lacking at all.


Ride: 8/10

Firm, but it was adjustable. Wasn’t too bad though, I wouldn’t hesitate to take it on a 1000 mile trip to Florida, but at the same time it’s not a rally car so don’t take it through some pothole filled hell.


Handling: 9/10

For a large car, it handled very well. Very confidence inspiring. Nitto 555r tires hooked and held on amazingly well. The car didn’t feel heavy. It had edc and was very flat on an on ramp. It’s no autox car, but for a family sedan it’s very impressive.


Transmission: 5/10

Smg, so it’s better then a normal slushbox. Slow shifting around town, but the closer you get to redline, the faster it bangs through gears. Also rev-match down shifts were amazing with the exhaust. I’d get the 6mt over this, but it wasn’t the worst transmission in the world.


Toys: 7/10

Again, the seats were amazing. Cooled/heated/Active bolsters. Radar cruise control, edc, add 100hp at the touch of a button, launch control, changing shift speeds. Front and rear parking sensors. But first gen idrive (-3).


Audio: 12/10

I didn’t notice the music was on until I nearly turned it off but it had the same audio quality as a typical luxury car. Well, I probably have permanent hearing damage from taking to through a tunnel. The car didn’t drone on the highway (up to 90mph, didn’t go any faster to test). It was echoing sound in between cornfields. Ridiculously loud. Would scare anyone behind the car during rev-match downshifts. Not only was it loud it sounded amazing. Off the charts ridiculously good. Now I’m going to have to hack up my exhaust to try to recreate the noise.


Value: 10/10

Sure they’re unreliable, but to think you can pick up something like this for less then a new base model accord, you’d be an idiot (some call it sensible) not too.


Overall: 84/100

Gas mileage might be a bit bad but this car is full of soul, and that’s something most manufactures are missing the mark on now. If you ever get the chance to drive one make sure to do so. I thought it was going to be similar to my m3, but it wasn’t. It was different, but just as good for different reasons. I’d recommend this to anyone that has a good mechanic and a gas discount card.

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