Howdy folks. I'm in the process of moving, and my new commute will comprised almost entirely of rural roads. This'll be nice and scenic and all, but few things are more frustrating than a nice long straightaway with nothing in sight but fields coupled to a 35mph speed limit. Now I don't condone recklessness, but I think there's a strong argument to be made that these speed limits are unreasonable given the road conditions. As there's pretty much no chance of changing them, I've been considering acquiring a good radar detector (for the first time since my hot-headed highschool/college days :P). Last time I looked around, I think the general consensus was that the Valentine 1 ruled the roost, but who knows what's changed over the years. Anybody out there have some recommendations they'd consider throwing my way? I'll repay your kind advice with this 427 Cobra picture, which I would merely caption " 'MURICA ":


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