Disclaimer: Dodge wanted me to drive this thing so badly that they sold this “murdered out” black over black minivan to Enterprise who conveniently had no small cars left when my insurance company scheduled my rental.

To facilitate the rental a Civic (shockingly not a Mustang) attempted to juke (no not the SUV) our Corolla as I was waiting in a line of traffic. Clipping the right rear quarter panel and bonus points for bending the steel rim later I was filing my claim and signing up for rental car hell.

Styling: 7/10 - It is a previous generation FCA Minivan so normally it would get a 5/10 at most. But I’ll give them two points for putting nicer wheels and black over black as the rental spec.


Quality and Ergonomics: 6/10

The infotainment system was horrible and the shifter on the dash drove me nuts. Additionally the layout of the stalks was confusing and I found myself spending way too much time searching for basic things like how to turn on the wipers.

Comfort and Technology: 6/10

It is a loaf of bread on wheels, and in rental spec the only cool toys were the power doors and liftgate.


Performance: 5/10 
Upon further review childish giggling from mashing the go pedal with eco off does not warrent a higher performance rating.

With “Eco” selected I was able to get 20 miles or so to the gallon. With “Eco” off it was actually fun to drive, sadly I was commuting so “Eco” stayed on.

Value: -3/10

No way would I buy this thing over a Sienna or Odyssey if I was in the market for a minivan.


Verdict: C

It is a box and holds stuff but damn is it plain.