Oppo reviews; some suggested criteria and 1 min Oppo review of free parsh

Oppo reviews are great because there are no hard and fast rules. And I’m not going to suggest there should be. Three criteria I like that have not been on some recent reviews and just as a reminder to other oppos let me encourage:

- steering - handling is one thing; steering is another. What’s the wheel tell you as you drive; where is your car between air cooles manual rack 911 and video game?

- audio - choose between stereo or the more important soundtrack making the vroom vroom noises.


- gearbox - don’t skip it just cause you got an auto!

Another wild card option:

- practicality - if wagons are going to get 100, which they should; let’s tive credit where due

My 1 min 996 Oppo review having not driven my car in 3 months:

Exterior 8 parshh with egg lamps

Interior 7 90s/00s parshh

Speed 8 slightly maimed parshh

Handling 9 parshh!

Steering 9 parshh!

Gearbox 8 parshh but with crack cable end

Audio 8 parshhh with 1/2 an exhaust

Value 10 free parshh

Toys 7 parshh top goes down

Practicality 5 child and wife fits in parshh

79/100; I freaking love it, can’t wait to get it out; should be able to this weekend


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