I had the privilege of renting a Chevy Sonic Turbo Premier from Enterprise for two days. It handles well, it drives well, but lacks personality. Blind spot visibility is excellent, though somewhat inferior to Killer Queen (2010 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor).

As for ride quality, I could feel most of the road, but the suspension certainly smoothed things out. In comparison to KQ’s stiff police-spec suspension, it was nice but certainly not ideal for when you need to stomp the gas and get out of the way of an out-of-control cement truck.


What turns me off the most is the excessive “digital” accoutrements of the car (as is standard with today’s modern vehicles) that detracts from simply enjoying the drive. Too many distractions in the cabin.

Today, I was informed that the dealership where Killer Queen is awaiting her axle replacement had a rental car become available. I turned in the Sonic at Enterprise and went to pick up the courtesy car.


It’s a Chevy Cruze hatchback.

Initial impressions is that it was better suited to my lanky 6', 0" frame. The telescoping steering column is a nice touch. My gripes with the car from the two miles I’ve driven so far with it, is that the steering feels very, very light. The car doesn’t give me much feedback, if any. Another irritation I have with it is the poor blind spot visibility due to the C-pillars being so massive.


Other than that and my ever-persistent dislike for over-digitization, the Cruze seems like a decent ride.

Also, when I was pulling out of the dealership lot, I felt the brakes kind of make the rear of the car shift. That was weird.

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