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Oppo Ringmeet & Swiss Expedition 2018: Roll Call

It’s time to start planning the second annual Oppo Ringmeet! Now with extra road trip.


Yes! Last year we held the first ever Europpomeet at the Nürburgring. A huge turnout and lots of fun led to more meets, big and small alike. However, even in the middle of Welsh nowhere, everyone kept pining for another go at the Green Hell, so here it is.


It’s self-explanatory, really: we gather somewhere near the Nürburgring and enjoy the track and its surroundings. When there isn’t a race on, the ‘Ring is considered a one-way toll road (€30/lap), without speed limit. This allows anyone to take their own car on a “tourist drive”.

DutchieDC2R in the Integra, Rustholes Are Weight Reduction in the 208 GTi and yours truly in the MR2 in the Karussell last year.
Photo: bought on Ringtracker

Other activities can include attending a VLN race, visiting one or more museums and even a Swiss roadtrip (more on that below).

Who’s this for?

Everyone! As long as you can handle (a lot of) car talk in the evenings and speak a little English. There’s usually at least 5 nationalities present, from all over Europe. We even had an American fly over for the Wales meet!

Part of the group fuelling up at the Wales Meet
Photo: Chinny Raccoon

You’ll have noticed that owning a car is not mandatory: ride-alongs are certainly possible, and some people might be so generous as to offer you the driver’s seat.


When is all this taking place?

The current date proposal for the Ringmeet is Sunday 23 September. The Nordschleife will be open from 8.00 until 19.00, so plenty of time to get a (couple of) lap(s) in.


You mentioned other activities?

I did.


On Saturday 22 September, there’s a VLN race taking place. VLN is pretty much the 24h of the ‘Ring in a shorter format (4 hours on the 22nd). After the race, the track is open for tourist drives again, from 18.00 till 19.00.

Stuttgart, home to the Porsche and Mercedes museums is a 3 hour drive from the Nürburgring.


Provided there are no major complaints about the proposed date, I’ll be doing a road trip through Switzerland following the meet, taking in most of the legendary passes (preliminary route above). Taking Stuttgart as the start and end point and assuming a museum visit on Monday morning, this should take approximately five days (Monday-Friday). If you’re interested in joining, let me know!


There’s no way I’m able to afford all this fun...

Sure there is, costs are quite reasonable! As for previous meets, we’ll organise group accommodation (twin or triple rooms) for €15-30 per person per night, depending on fanciness. If you prefer individual lodging, that’s no problem either, though probably a bit more expensive.


Food can be as cheap or expensive as you want, but the group is generally inclined to cheap & cheerful.

The Swiss road trip will be a bit more expensive, it being Switzerland and all that, but we should be able to keep it reasonable.


For the US Oppos: Frankfurt is the closest airport with plenty of connections to the US, though Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Düsseldorf are doable as well. Returns currently cost $400-800 from the main East Coast airports.

Sounds awesome!

It does, doesn’t it? You can register your interest (or confirm your attendance) here*. Let’s put the initial deadline to fill out the form on 6 June.


Oh, and drop a comment when you’ve filled it out, have got more ideas or are interested in the Swiss Expedition!

*The form responses will only be accessed by Duurtlang and me for organisational purposes. #GDPR

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