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It’s official, folks! We now have a date for Oppo’s first ever road rally!

In what was an absolute landslide, May 27 easily won with about 2/3 of the votes. Now it’s time to release the points structure to help you strategize (and know who to hit up to borrow a car for maximum points). Competitors will be initially scored at the start line based on their vehicle, themes/costumes, and distance traveled to participate, using the points structure below. While these points are about 95% certain, I may choose to add or modify them slightly over the next month or so. They will be considered final by February 1, if not sooner.


For those curious about the ratio between starting points and competitive points, these points will likely make up less than 10% of most final scores.

Vehicle Performance:

  • +10 for <5 seconds 0-60
  • +10 for >12.5 seconds 0-60
  • +15 for <4 seconds 0-60
  • +15 for >17.5 seconds 0-60
  • +25 if it can’t do 60

Vehicle Heritage:

  • +5 for Swedish
  • +5 for Aussie
  • +10 for Italian
  • +15 for Indian
  • +20 for Indian Motorcycle
  • +20 for French
  • +20 for British (half points for modern Mini, because Deutschland)
  • +25 for homebuilt
  • +50 for east of the Iron Curtain (look it up, kids)
  • +5 for 1980s
  • +10 for 1970s
  • +15 for 1960s
  • +25 for 1950s
  • +50 for pre-1950

Engine and Transmission:

  • +10 for odd number of cylinders
  • +5 for V8, and we will witness you
  • +10 for more than 8 cylinders
  • +25 for more than 12 cylinders
  • +5 for each turbo
  • +5 for supercharger
  • +20 for twincharged (turbo and supercharger)
  • +10 for air-cooled (double if not VW or Porsche)
  • +10 for an engine too big for Rally America (Rule 10.2.A.3)
  • +5 for flat engine society
  • +10 for rotary
  • +100 for radial
  • +200 for turbine
  • +50 for electric (you’re very brave)
  • +50 for using a fuel not available at filling stations (no Tesla superchargers)
  • +66 for any ill advised mod from Roadkill (leaf blowers, boost caboose, pickup with jet boat engine in the bed, towing a Prius with a Gremlin, etc)
  • +666 if you bring an actual car from Roadkill
  • +10 for rear-mid mounted
  • +15 for rear mounted
  • +20 each for multiple engines (electric motors don’t count)
  • +5 for manual
  • +10 for manual on the tree
  • +3 for column shift auto
  • +8 for sequential (because racecar)
  • -5 for flappy paddles (because Stef says you need to be punished)


  • +10 for odd number of doors (hatch doesn’t count)
  • +10 for no doors (as in removed, Jeep-style. Extra 5 points if it’s not a Jeep)
  • +25 for no doors (as in have to go in through the window/roof, Dukes of Hazzard-style)
  • +20 for suicide doors
  • +10 for shooting brake
  • +5 for wagon (save the wagons!)
  • +20 for non-factory convertible
  • +10 if it can’t fit in a standard parking space
  • +10 if it would have a bad time at the 11foot8 bridge
  • +2 for every seat over 6
  • +4 for two seats
  • +10 for single seat
  • +5 for two wheels
  • +10 for three wheels
  • +50 for one wheel
  • +10 for roll bar (non-factory)
  • +40 for roll cage
  • +25 for Beetle pan kit car
  • +0-50 for other (at discretion of judge)

Deductions & Additions

  • -100 for each traffic violation ticket (don’t be a dick on the road)
  • -50 for each parking ticket (don’t park like a dick either)
  • +0-50 for bribes (did I say that out loud?)
  • +50 for best YouTube/Twitter/Instagram video of the day
  • +0-50 for creative roadside repairs (done on your car or another competitor’s car)
  • +0-50 for junkyard parts gained en route
  • +0-75 for ridiculous themes &/or outfits
  • +5 for every 100 miles traveled to attend (done in the competing car, caps at 75 points)
  • +1 for every 100 miles traveled to attend (not done in the competing car)
  • +50 if you bought the car off craigslist less than a week before the rally
  • +125 if you bought the car off craigslist less than 48 hours before the rally
  • +0 for showing up in a press loaner, and may God have mercy on your soul


The Oppo Tour de Connecticut Road Rally will be a single day, 200+ mile event across Connecticut, starting in Greenwich, CT (the southwest corner of the state) and ending in Douglas, MA (just past the northeast corner of the state). Along the route competitors will log checkpoints to score points. Along with some fun roads and some cool auto-centric stops the rally also has some breathtaking scenery and a number of interesting landmarks (natural, historical, abandoned, allegedly haunted, and others), which should make this a fun trip for any less automotive-oriented friends/significant other you want to bring along as well (you know, if you need to sell them on being your co-driver). Having a co-driver isn’t necessary, but it will likely make things easier, particularly in the navigation department.

This is not a speed-based event. Being first to the finish line not only won’t make you the winner, but it will almost certainly mean you’ll have one of the lowest scores. Cars/teams can have a minimum of one person and a maximum of however many working seatbelts the car has. Any vehicle is eligible so long as it’s registered and insured. Bikes, trikes, sidecars, supercars, replicars, amphicars, limousines, buses, ice cream trucks, half tracks, and wienermobiles are welcome (and encouraged). Buses are exempt from the seatbelt mandate (why don’t buses have seat belts anyways?).

If any of the people interested want to get on the mailing list early, leave your email in the comments or send me a message at Also, feel free to spread the word to those outside of Oppo. All are welcome to participate.

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