Who’s ready for some road rally? It’s just over 50 days to the Oppositelock Tour de Connecticut Rally (May 27) and the route is sorted, which means it’s time to start officially taking entries.

From here on out I’m going to start sending details (start point, schedule, etc) to registered entrants. To register send me an email at howdeedoodat@gmail.com, including your name, Kinja username, vehicle you’ll be using if known (you can change this later), and number of people on your team if known (you can change this later). How much is it? Why it’s free! And it includes a 6" Oppo Rally sticker, as modeled above. If you want more stickers, or the larger 17" hood sticker, you will have to buy those.



The Oppo Tour de Connecticut Road Rally will be a single day, 200+ mile event across Connecticut, starting in Greenwich, CT (the southwest corner of the state) and ending in Douglas, MA (just past the northeast corner of the state). Along the route competitors will log checkpoints to score points. Along with some fun roads and some cool auto-centric stops the rally also has some breathtaking scenery and a number of interesting landmarks (natural, historical, abandoned, allegedly haunted, and others), which should make this a fun trip for any less automotive-oriented friends/significant other you want to bring along as well (you know, if you need to sell them on being your co-driver). Having a co-driver isn’t necessary, but it will make things easier, particularly in the navigation department.

This is not a speed-based event. Being first to the finish line not only won’t make you the winner, but it will almost certainly mean you’ll have one of the lowest scores. Cars/teams can have a minimum of one person and a maximum of however many working seatbelts the car has. Any vehicle is eligible so long as it’s registered and insured. Bikes, trikes, sidecars, supercars, replicars, amphicars, limousines, buses, ice cream trucks, half tracks, and wienermobiles are welcome (and encouraged). Buses are exempt from the seatbelt mandate (why don’t buses have seat belts anyways?).

In addition to scoring points via the various checkpoints along the way, teams will be given points at the start of the event based on how interesting/Jalop their car is, costumes/themes, and other factors. To see the start line points breakdown click here.


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