Oppo Role Call: Two Weeks Notice

If you have responded to this and are planning to go, you need to email me before Wednesday. I will be bumping this as needed so as many people see it as possible.


If you’re bringing along a friend or even girlfriend, include their name in the email so I have an idea of who is joining. I just need a rough idea of who’s coming along.

Here’s the tentative list:




Flyboy flew a Cessna backwards

Life and Times of Magoo







Bradley B

David L

Jason S

I have no problem with a lot of maybe answers, but this week I need to know for sure. There will be a special guest at this meetup! Who is it? You’ll have to come by to find out, but I assure you, he’s super cool, and you wont want to miss it.


Shoot me an email, [my username]@gmail, include your username here so I can keep track of it! If you want, you can also include the County if you’re in NJ, so I can put together more meetups in new places and hopefully include more people. I have 90 people on my list, and about 10 replied, with the other responses being on here. Need to work on that guys.

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