Super excited for this weekend, first C&C of the year is Sunday! I’ll be there with my 325it, or “creamsicle” as everyone calls it. I haven’t had time yet to remove the hideous orange stripe, so I guess the name is fitting for now. I’ll also have the Jensen there, got that out from hibernation last weekend and took my grandfather for a Sunday cruise in it, actually was his first time in the car since ‘89 (when it was parked) and it’s quite reliable, amazingly. I have a few car friends going with me on Sunday, one of whom drives the A6 Avant in the first picture here, and I believe a few people from Jersey as well will be driving up (Jgrabowmst, and a few others). Hope to see a few familiar faces, and if it’s nice, I’m thinking a drive up into NWCT is in order after the show, if there’s enough people up for it. Comment or something if you plan on going, I’m going to probably be in the commuter lot of the train station. Happy almost Friday, Oppos!

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