Oppo/RORA Forza 7 Citroën 2CV Club Challenge Series: Sign Up

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What? Slow French cars? Sign me up!

Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday! 2CVs at 8:00 PM Eastern (EDT) (GMT-4) on Wednesday!


If you’ve been wanting to play Forza with everyone but weekends are bad for you, boy do I have the series for you! This one is being run by Viggen, but I’m handling posting about it for now because he lost his password (lol rip). Many of the same people who have raced in Oppo Endurance will also be doing this.

SIGN UP FORM - Google forms, sign-in required


Build for the 1970 Citroen 2CV is below

If something isn’t listed, don’t change it from stock!

Any use of custom rims will result in a DSQ, no appeal.

PI: E259


  • Sport Filter
  • Sport Manifold
  • Steet Carb
  • Sport Ignition
  • Race Exhaust
  • Street Cams
  • Sport Valves
  • Street Pistons

Platform and Handling

  • Race Brakes
  • Sports Springs
  • Race Rollcage
  • Race Weight Reduction


  • Race Diff

Tires and Rims

  • Race Tires
  • Max Front Tire Width (175)

Aero and Appearance

  • Remove Front Bumper
  • Remove Rear Bumper

Tuning: Open within the restrictions listed above. Yes, you won’t be able to tune much, but that is intentional to increase competition among everyone. These cars should be a fun handful.


You are allowed to use shared tunes, however they must be built to the correct spec or you will be disqualified.


Tracks have been chosen based on length, to better suit the agricultural nature of the car.


This will be a 2 race event format, with each race being equal to approximately 25 minutes, with the number of laps being determined by the median qualifying pace. The final race of the series will be a two hour endurance race.

Weather permutations will be used at the discretion of the race director.


1. April 4th: Catalunya School

2. April 11th: Homestead Mini

3. April 18th: Lime Rock Full

4. April 25th: Mugello Club

5. May 2nd: Suzuka East

6. TBD: Spa

Spa is a one off and series finale. If you wish to race this but not the full series this is acceptable.



This is folk racing, so contact is to be expected due to the traditionally amateur nature of the races. However, while I may have said these cars are agricultural, do not moo your way through traffic.


Basically think this: If you can pull a Pipo Derani at Sebring 2016, go for it. But don’t be Chaz Mostert at Bathurst!

All races will be run with “Fuel and Tires” damage.

Manual with clutch is forbidden because some people’s wheels prevent the use of clutch.


*There will not be a team championship.


  • Timed session
  • Complete 3 laps, then stop in a per-determined location.
  • For the last round, qualifying will be 1 lap.


  • Grid set by qualifying results
  • Warm up lap to be completed at just under racing speed, slowing after the final corner.
  • Rolling start


  • Reverse grid from race 1 results
  • Warm up lap to be completed at just under racing speed, slowing after the final corner.
  • Rolling start.


  • To be used for 2+ car crashes, flips, or track blockages.
  • Leader immediately slows to 50 MPH.
  • No passing.
  • Lapped cars are permitted to take back 1 lap.
  • Single-file rolling restarts, ~30 ft between cars.
  • Race director determines when/where restart occurs.


There will not be passing points. Fastest qualifying lap will receive one additional point.


Notice that the gap between points awarded per position decreases the farther down the grid you finish. Never give up during a race, you can make up a ton of points with just a few positions.

  • If you do not finish race 1 or do not participate in it, you will start from the rear of race 2.


  • Driver number must be displayed prominently on both sides.
  • No tobacco sponsorship. You can change wording to use similar logos, but no names of said companies can be used.
  • There is no required number panel.
  • If you wish to use a pre-made livery, please make sure it matches your race number.
  • Memes and or historically accurate liveries are strongly encouraged!

See points here!

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