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Oppo Rules

I got asked yesterday if Oppo has written rules. Yes, yes it does. I realized it has probably been too long since we posted and many new people have joined since, so here they are.


First, “Hour rule” is not a real rule. Go ahead and post if someone hasn’t for an hour, but the Oppo Tupla wont get you if you don’t.

What are the real rules? First rule of Oppo:

Be Excellent To Each Other.


Everything else falls under that banner.

Go through and give them a read.

In addition there are some specific rules regarding when and how to share.

The gist of these is simply avoid spamming Oppo. We ask you share with care frame shares in a way that lets us have a conversation here, in Oppo.


We as moderators want to make it clear that we don’t want to be content police, thats not our job and if we have to step in it will be because of your views on the rules, not because we don’t value and respect your voice.


We expect you to take ownership on Oppo to keep it one of the more civil and interesting off topic car themed forums around. We’ve arrived at these rules and guidelines very carefully and if you follow the letter and spirit of them and act as the adults we expect you to be we find that silly stuff and serious stuff can live side by side and we can have a civil, cool place to not do work together.

We also expect you to act as a member of the community. Remember that Oppo’s raison d’être is to be an off-topic-ish club—it’s why our join request posts are titled “Club Openings.” Don’t just use this as a place to post or advertise your own work. You need to actively interact with the Oppo community on other members’ posts, else the rest of us will have a really hard time justifying why you’re here and probably won’t want to read, watch or shitpost about your work.


Any questions? Reach out to the mods:

Paul Jones
Snapundersteer Italianspiderman
For Sweden
Dusty Ventures
Brian, the life of
Crown Victor Victoria
More Power!! And also some brakes
Delta Five Nine
Hammerhead Fistpunch
Arch Duke Maxyenko
Stef Schrader (and her Puffalump army)


[Originally posted 11/10/2017; revised and updated on 5/22/2020.]

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