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Oppo, school me on LSD

But first, get your mind out of the gutter!

First of all. I’ve heard the term “locking diff” throw around seemingly interchangeably with LSD. Are they the same or different? If they are different I think that’d clear up my next confusion.

When ever I hear drift, or sometimes even truck people, talk about LSDs. They say the they “lock” the wheels together. So that when one wheel starts slipping the other one will slip the same amount even if it has grip. Getting you sideways earlier.


But when ever I here AutoXers and sports car people talk about LSD. They say the whole point is that when one wheel starts slipping, it gives less power to the slipping wheel and gives it to the one with grip. Thus giving you more overall traction, delaying going sideways, but when you do it’s both wheels that have let go.

I’m inclined to believe the second explanation since it would make since to put that on a sports car. Plus if the first explanation is true, then why would anyone put an LSD on a FWD car since you’d just understeer sooner and harder? And it’s fairly common for performance FWD cars to have LSDs.

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