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Oppo, school me on old thinkpads

(Pic not 100% related, doesn’t have to be an old IBM one)

I really wanna get a <$100 laptop for school, I already have a desktop at home, so I won’t need to rely on the laptop (I won’t be totally screwed if it craps out).

I’ve been looking at old thinkpads, but it seems hard to find useful information about things that seem important. Such as apparently, they have password protected BIOS? and some of them automatically password protect the harddrive? But I haven’t been able to find any definitive guides on how to deal with this stuff on an unknown laptop. Since most of the sellers on eBay seem to be selling them in mass, I don’t I’ll be able to get much info from them on a particular model.


Also, just to make sure, they accept just a regular 2.5 inch harddrive right? Most of them seem to be missing the HDD, which is fine, since I’d plan on putting a 120 or 240 GB SSD in there anyway. But I wanna know for sure they just take standard 2.5in SATA ones.

Also, I plan on running some form of Linux on it, so I don’t think the underwhelming specs will be an issue. Probably Mint xcfe or I may just say fuck it and (attempt to) install Arch for the lols.

For use case, I’d just be doing some programming, Excel (Libre Calc), and maybe some general note taking.

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