I’ll be heading to Hawaii for a week on the big island on Friday. I spent a week in Kauai a couple of years ago, so we’re doing a different island this time. We’ll be staying on the dry side of the island north of Kona. Current plans call for plenty of time on the beach and snorkeling, going up the mountain, checking out volcanoes, hitting up a couple of museums and seeing what Kona and Hilo have to offer. I’m sure we’ll drive around the entire island at least once.

I’d like to play a round or two of golf, but the prices at most courses for a round and club rental tended to leave me wondering if they also come with a blow job for that much money, so golfing may not happen. Also, many courses, especially sea-side courses, look like they may be a bit beyond my skill level. I keep looking at pictures and thinking that I could lose many golf balls on that course, but I suppose they would be an especially scenic place to lose golf balls.

Any oppo recommendations or local spots to hit on the big island? I’m all for interest stuff to see/do and hole-in-the-wall type places with good food and drink.

Car picture from Kauai for your time: Slightly pictured was the 2014 Malibu rental car. While not at all interesting or special, I do remember being pleasantly surprised that is was a perfectly descent car that wasn’t unpleasant to drive that GM sold for a reasonable price. (I wouldn’t buy one, but it was a good demonstration of how good even mediocre cars have become today) This picture represents just about as far West as one can drive on a public road in the United States. This is at Barking Sands beach out past the Pacific Missile Range Facility.