Oppo, school me on the W140

More precisely, the S300, with a 3.2L Straight 6. My quest for a winter beater has taken a drastic turn. The X-Trail I wanted fell through, and I acquired a $1500 2010 Civic Sedan which I in turn gave to my sister. So today’s Bad Idea Of The Day is this W140 S300 I found for $1000. If it’s not on a salvage title, this could be a sweet winter chariot.

I’m wondering if any of y’all know of any problem areas with these cars, or if there’s anything I should look for. I know maintenance is high, but I really only need it to last 5 months without major failures. After that its fate will depend on what kind of mechanical shape it’s still in.


My other option is a 1989 Plymouth Horizon that snapped a timing belt (but it’s non-interference). Not sure if you’ve gathered yet but, I have no preference toward any automaker. I just like things that you don’t see every day.

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