I’m upset with myself for joining the insanity that is this Senior Week thing, Especially when “Week” is mis-spelled in the logo.

I’ve been posting on OPPO for over 3 years, my first ever OPPO post was a fun game where you got to pick how to spend about $115,000:


Basing off my search through my profile page (which took way too much effort if you ask me) my first comment will come as no surprise to any of you Back in January of 2012 I was already publicly defending Lincoln on the MKZ concept release:

You know, I’m not going to say this concept is mind blowing or epic. But I think it looks nice, as well as high end. I saw they said in their release about different motors- possibly some NOT borrowed from the Fusion. I’m not sure why Ford gets so much crap for building a luxury car off it’s standard car line. You think the luxury cars in Germany don’t share parts with lower level cars? More importantly this website has done nothing but PRAISE Cadillacs (CTS and the new ATS) which are built off normal GM platforms. At what point does it become a Ford Motor Company frame instead of just a ford platform? And when does it become a GM platform instead of a Chevy platform? Is it about the engine? Because you need to read Ford’s release that said it may have other engines.

Like I said, do I think this saves Lincoln - no. Do I think it’s the best Lincoln ever - no. Do I think it’s a big step forward for Lincoln - yes.

As you all know I am the guy who loves Mercury, I didn’t say “one of the guys” because I’m pretty much alone as the Mercury Guy. Sure there’s people who like (or even love) First Gen Cougars, but they don’t hold a candle to the guy who owns a 1968 Montego 302 Cyclone Package and a 2007 Mercury Milan V6.


I’m a huge fan of weird cars or at least cars that are a bit different. Our 3rd vehicle at home is a Lifted 08 Jeep Commander Sport.


I’ve worked in Automotive Advertising in some way or another since 2008 and I’ve had the privilege to work on many brands. This also means I’ve had the difficulty of watching what I say....and don’t say on here. You guys are such a good group and I’ve always wished I could share more!

This is the car that got me into cars in general:


It’s my dad’s drag car from back in the late 80's/early 90's. With him doing a nice smokey burnout to get ready. He put me in this when I was 5 and started it up while I sat on the floor board of where the passenger seat should be. Instantly hooked for life.

I’ve also brought you all the series The Cask which has been on a bit of a hiatus these last few months. Most of you are out enjoying your weekends over the summer and not reading the Whisk(e)y posts on top of the fact that my wife’s pregnant and I don’t drink much while she’s pregnant to make it a bit easier on her. Don’t worry, if this all survives, it’ll be back!


You guys have all been supportive of me and my family as I’ve gone through ups...and downs. Even my crazy ideas about Rally Cars and supportive of me RallyX-ing my Milan! I’ll always be appreciative of all of that

Remember - there’s a Mercury for every job.

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