Oppo, settle a dispute for me

So, if you believe the weather people, we’re supposed to have the first significant snowfall of the year tomorrow. I’d like some opinions on a difference of opinion I am having.

A little bit of background. I have a one car garage, and a two car wide driveway. My wife and I carpool to work, so there’s always one car at home. Usually in the winter we leave the car that we are driving in the garage.


My wife is convinced that we should park the car in the driveway tonight (not garage), because that will mean we have less snow to shovel. I’m of the opinion that this idea is just really won’t work.

The snow doesn’t magically disappear. It’s still there, but now there’s a car to clean off too. You have to clean the car, and then shovel the snow that’s been brushed off the car. I think it’s making a lot more work than there needs to be. With an empty driveway I can just put the shovel on the ground and push. Also, since I’m considerably larger than my wife, it isn’t hard for me to shovel it by just putting some weight into it.


What’s your opinion, Oppo?

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