Those are Mexican plates on the Q5 press pics, it’s got FEDERAL license plates, reading “Traslado” looks like Manufacturer/dealer plates in the USA

What are the wierdest license plates you’ve seen?

For further detail on the Q5 plates; the Mexican federal government doesn’t issue plates often like the European governments, instead, each state must issue its own plates. The Feds only issue plates for Diplomats, the Federal Police, Transport and Cargo, and Tourism that I know of.

Senators also get special stickers that go on their windshields so that they don’t get ticketed.

These aren’t even the weirdest! This time I went to the mall, I parked next to this brand new seven series BMW with really beat up and old looking plates reading “SRE CON HON” It only had four digits and for privacy reasons I wont be uploading a picture of those.


“MD” stands for Diplomatic Mission originally found on google.

SRE stands for Secretariat of Foreign Relations. Basically diplomat plates. But the rest of diplomatic plates in Mexico look different. either way, both of those looked like they were Federal plates


But my favs are the old Mexico City plates, looking all offical and shit! With a picture of the angel.