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Oppo shop people, I have a Dear Abby type question.

I have a mechanic I like a lot. I think we have a pretty good, but new-ish relationship. His shop doesn’t need my money, which is why I chose it.

A few weeks ago, I made an appointment for an oil change, and he slotted me in, presuming I could drop the car off when the shop opened. For personal reasons, I couldn’t drop the car off. I considered calling to say I wouldn’t make it, but didn’t. This is a really busy shop and they’re really good about not overbooking, so I definitely materially impacted them by not canceling in a timely manner.


Do I:

1) rebook and apologize for not canceling the last time.

2) rebook and pretend nothing ever happened.

3) rebook but also get a change of tires, so they have a higher profit margin.

4) find a new shop.

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