My father, fed up with the freezing door latches on his 2017 F-150, traded it for a 2019 SQ5. It’s Green! This is a short take review because I only got 15 minutes behind the wheel at night time and it was wet out. I haven’t had time to snap any pics yet, but it looks like this:

His is the Premium Plus spec which nets you virtual cockpit, the big sunroof and some other bells and whistles. His has got the upgraded sport seats, and the inside is very nice, very suited up, and very Audi. His does not have the sport diff/air suspension. That’s something that would be a must for me, but he’d never know it was there.


The Looks:

It is a very pretty car, I love the understated clean lines. It’s true most Audi’s wear the exact same suit in different sizes, but it’s a fuckin’good looking suit. Azores Green treats this car particularly well. Everything is where it ought to be inside, although I wish the middle screen could be tucked away. My only real knock on the car visually is the fake exhaust. Both the idea and execution are bad. Honestly the look over all of the older SQ5 suits me slightly better.

The Drive:

Lol, it fast. I mean it’s not, all cars considered. As far as your run of the mill CUV goes however it is super quick. It honestly drove a lot like my S3 but with torque. The turbo 6 makes good sounds (although I’m not certain that they’re real). Like every S or beyond Audi I have ever driven...absolute tenacious grip. It was wet and cold and I had to really push it with all 200 driving nannies off to get it to slide. I had it in full sport/manual mode and I did the shifting the whole time. Surprisingly, or maybe not to you the power seems to plateau. I can’t tell you where yet, I just remember thinking (where’s that power gone?) on the longer straits. The brakes are impressive. You know that kind of stopping power where you think “It definitely costs at least $1k to do the brakes on this car”, it’s like that.


In summary, it is unbelievable how good these modern multi-diff AWD systems are. I have driven it’s competition and the SQ5 is far more fun to drive than the Merc/LR/Lexus competition. We didn’t get to drive the X3 because my father just up and bought the Audi.

Before I get to the part I don’t like, it’s worth mentioning that both my wife and I jumped back into my Alltrack to go to dinner after driving my dad’s Audi and it didn’t feel like a downgrade... I don’t know if that’s kudos to the VW or a dig at the Audi, but we both agreed that beyond the seats we liked the (less busy/screeny) VW interior better.


What I didn’t like: The first 10 minutes of the drive I was like AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The power, the rapid fire paddles! Then, what took a year or more in my S3, took about 11 minutes in my dad’s SQ5, The novelty wore off.

Here comes the Oppo’s resident hater from the depths of Tripper’s psyche.....

FUCK NEW CARS. You are “video games”, there is no fun to be had unless you are breaking all kinds of laws. Even then, it feels more like an amusement park ride that you have some control over.


DSG: I’d love to drive a sequential manual on a track, but it gets old on the street. That combined with the fact that you have to think about, and “setup” the car for how you want to drive runs any spontaneous spirited driving. I’d either end up driving it like an auto all the time or go to manual mode for a little while then forget I was there. I know it seems like it would be just the push of a button but it isn’t. The DSG and PDK are the best automatic transmissions I have ever driven, but I’d never own another after the S3.

I know it does not seem like it, but I really like my dad’s new car. I’m just super bummed on new cars. Even my Alltrack, It’s going to take a lot of work an a decent amount of money to get it how I want it. Even after all that it’s still going to have that numb steering rack.

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