How are they? Comfy? Smelly? Deteriorating? Or maybe some comination of the three? Mine have aged extraordinarily well. The back seat is also wayyyy softer than a typical car seat. Driving my friends around New England is my favorite thing to do with this car, and the seating arrangement is perfect for it.


Amusingly, for that reason nobody ever calls shotgun because there’s no point! Unless it’s cold and someone wants a heated seat; those are only in the front. There is also a memory function that can be set to move the seat back and retract the steering wheel when you turn the car off, because Americans are fat and we need help getting out. Sliding back a foot every time I turn the car off though? Weird. So I have that switched off. That said, hopping back in the car when the system is on is incredibly cool. As soon as you start the engine the seat moves you back into your preferred position, and the car hands you the steering wheel. It’s like a fancy Datsun “welcome back” handshake.

So Oppo, how are your seats?

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