I feel like since we are .Kinja and not .Jalopnik anymore I can say this without being pulverized.

The thing I have trouble with is the lack of actual driving I think lots of the FP writers do. People like Doug, Tavarish, and Travis (R.I.P) were drivers, they can speak fluently about how a car moves and can compare one against another. I know I’m not this first person to have this point of view but when I hear people say I don’t own a car anymore and then read their story stating should you buy this car or this car is great I have a tough time believing it. I think it more came out with the Youtube channel, either people taking her first track experience or proudly stating they don’t own a car it makes me think they are out of touch with the driving experience.

This is probably just the rant of a moron but who knows maybe some of you agree.