I'll make up for it by saying the BMW 2002 IS al its cracked up to be, and I'm a moron for thinking otherwise. Now that that's out of the way: I need help oppo. I need VIN sleuths, Hyundai experts, build sheet nerds and what have you. I get rid of my 2012 Hyundai Sonata GL-6MT. I've had it for three years, lease date August 26th, 2011. Now, I know that manual YF Sonatas are unicorns, in fact the salesman was 100% sure they didn't make a manual until I found mine (I'll make a review, tribute, and post about the car on tuesday). I know of 4 others that exist, one that was sold used at Irwin Mazda in Freehold, NJ in july of 2011, one that someone stanced and blew the transmission on, one that my friend saw one time working the tire shop at Costco in Charlotte, NC, and one that was for sale new in baltimore at the same time I found mine.

In summary/TL;DR: Manual 2010-14 Sonatas. How many made?