No, not THAT kind of sound check....but I need some suggestions and help IDing a noise I’ve been hearing from Humdrum. As you all know by now, Humdrum is my bone-stock, no-options base trim 2009 Hyundai Accent with a manual transmission. She currently has about 123,000kms on her.

Well, in the last month or two, I thought I was hearing a higher-pitched squeak coming from my car as I drove (and while driving it is almost constant....not ‘squeak squeak squeak’ but ‘ssssqqqquuuueeeeaaaakkkk’, if that makes any sense). Now, it’s not really become more pronounced, louder, etc, but I opened my window and REALLY listened closely for it today on the drive home. I can hear it when the car is in any gear and when the clutch is engaged, but the second I clutch-in, the noise goes away...I’m thinking a bearing of some sort...?


Any thoughts / ideas? Hoping it’s not going to be deathly expensive to replace, whatever it is...

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