Oppo spotted plus pics of my rental car

Hey that’s an oppo sticker! I know that guy! Thanks to future heap owner for providing me a place to sleep last night after my late night flight into Portland. We are getting ready soon for some driving and hiking in this foreign place. Here is my steed for the next couple of days:


Super clean and only has about 60,000 miles on it. I have always liked the first Gen ms3 in comparison to the later crazy face cartoonish looking one. This car is so unassuming but I can tell already that it just wants to GOOOOOOO. And the intake noises are lovely. Can’t wait to open it up outside the city! Interior is very much about the same as my Sti where it’s kinda nice but certainly still mid 2000s economy car. Probably a little nicer materials than my subaru but nothing too crazy.


And this doggo

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