Pushed the Sunchaser at 70-80 mph for 230 miles from Long Beach to Fresno, and once I hit Valencia it was 90-100 degrees the whole way home. The car performed beautifully, with its temp needle only going up a bit on the uphill side of the Grapevine, but nowhere near overheating.

I was proud of my car, which not only looks as good as any car at Toyotafest, but likely runs better than most. I live in the San Joaquin Valley, which is very hot in the summer, and I’ll be damned if a little heat is going to stop me from driving my car. However, at 102, I need to cool off.

This is why I have a pool, which I am standing in as I write this post. Speaking of summer heat, the Sunchaser has a black vinyl interior, which is an instant 3rd degree burn in the summer sun. I am thinking of having it reupholstered in fabric in a lighter color. Old school yellow plaid with black accents is what I have in mind at the moment.


Like this, but black fabric instead of vinyl. This is a Mazda, but you get the idea. What do you think?


My other question is about wheels. I tracked down a dealer for honest-to-god for-reals minilites, which are apparently still made and sold. The stock wheels are 14×5.5. My current wheels are 15x7 and are rubbing - way worse now with a little taller tire. The minilites come in 14×6. I think I am going to buy them. What do you think?