Hey Oppo, I'm planning to do to a new article. It's my version of "Crock or classic" from the early Top gear seasons, but I'm going to try and use my knowledge and use it for American cars. But my knowledge doesn't encompass everything, so I need some suggestions.

Just some ground rules.

1: it must be American.

2: It has to be made from 1990-1999.

3: It doesn't have to be weird or obscure, but I would easily welcome it.

4: Nothing obvious, no Corvette ZR-1s, no Chevy Impala SS', no GMC Syclones, none of those kinds of cars that are obviously going to be future classics

So Oppo, what do you guys think? If you like it, leave a suggestion and a picture of the car below and I'll try and plan the article as soon as possible.