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OPPO T-shirt review

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Photo: Me, and Mountain hardwear for making it, I guess. And maybe the bed spread is Crate and Barrel? I don’t remember.

What: Mountain Hardwear merino wool t-shirt.

Why: the best goddamn piece of clothing I’ve ever owned.

Review: amazing. So comfortable, for so many things, for so long. I put one on Saturday afternoon, hiked, camped, hiked, drove home. Comfortable all day, from 60 degrees to 80+ degrees and wearing a pack. Then I got home and ran 4 miles. It looks good enough to wear casually but can do anything. I’d own and wear nothing but these shirts if possible. So why not?


Cost: 80. Fucking. Dollars. If I was Jeff Bezos, sure. But I cannot fathom spending $80 on a t-shirt. I don’t care if its 100% merino, if it doesn’t come with the actual sheep I’m not paying $80 for a t-shirt. They were on clearance, so I got two for $30 each. They bought 2 or 3 more. I would pay 40 all day for these. I’d struggle at $50, but they’re worth that.

Want to drive cross country? Put one on, toss another in a bag. Same for a few days in the woods camping. Wear around town all day then out to dinner? Sure, why not? Trail to town? If that’s your phrase. I’m right between small and medium, but either fits nicely.


But don’t pay $80 for a t-shirt. Unless that’s your budget, I guess. But if you see one for less than 50? Buy one or four.

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