If you weren’t around earlier, someone posted a remarkably clean ‘95 Previa LE S/C that is local to me. They are asking $2k.

Problems with it include: the roof paint is completely shot, it’s missing the Previa badge, headlights are completely fogged, the S/C belt is likely due (but that’s minor,) doesn’t have heated seats, can’t tow (which is something I’d like to have so it can be more than a winter beater.)

Positives include: no mechanical maladies, owner clearly maintained it well and has records, the interior is pristine, the paint is original and intact, there doesn’t appear to be a spot of rust on it, it’s an LE so max-optioned save All-Trac, and it’s the seven seat version.

But they’re asking $2,000 and I’m pretty sure I could talk them down a bit. Especially since it’s actually somewhat expensive to insure.

But... it also doesn’t tow. So it’d be a 4-6 month car tops. Maybe slightly longer just to do Radwood with it. (“Yep, all original.”) And I’d HAVE to add heated seats. I can’t live without any more.

There’s got to be something out there in an interesting flavor, priced $10k and under that isn’t a pile of rust or maintenance nightmare in waiting, that can tow, right?


edit: I should mention, my towing requirements aren’t that bad... about 5500lbs worst case, more likely 200lbs payload and 4500lbs tow depending on trailer weight. (Onyxia’s fat... 3300lbs.)