Oppo, talk me out of this

Ever since my first one died way back in 2002, I’ve wanted to own another E30. I’ve kicked around buying other old BMWs and some interesting Japanese imports, but I always come back to these...something unfinished, I guess. I missed a good one last year and have looked at a few recently (including that awesome purple wagon in the Netherlands!) but balked as my “fun budget” is tight due to some house needs. However, I’ve been telling myself that if exactly the right one popped up locally I’d stretch the budget and jump on it.

This one isn’t exactly perfect, but it’s damned close and it’s practically in my neighborhood. The asking price is high, although not insane for a clean swap, and he’s had it listed for a month so hopefully there’s some room to negotiate. So: E30 Knowers, talk me out of it. Why on earth are the oil and coolant sensors disconnected, for example?


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