So, confession time: I have always, for as long as I can remember, wanted a sixth generation Honda Civic Coupe. I absolutely love the way the look, with how simple but clean the design is, and they always catch my eye (sadly the super riced out ones seem more common than anything). I had a 7th generation Civic for a bit, but always wished I had a sixth generation coupe instead.

Anytime I brought it up with car friends, everyone was always quick to point out they were FWD, almost always slow, and stolen quite often. There have been many times were I’ve found myself on Craigslist though, just flipping through looking at what’s for sale and what might be worth saving.

However, I have never driven one. I’ve surprisingly never even sat or rode in one. I have no idea whether the chassis is good, whether it can be a fun, sporty daily driver or anything. I love the exterior though, and the interior looks very clean in a minimalist type of way that I feel has aged well.

Am I crazy for liking these? Are they actually any good? Would it be stolen every time I parked one? Not that I’m currently on the market for a car, but part of me wants one if they are decent, just to get it off my bucket list.


What say you though Oppo, any experience with them?