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So after a nice long drive with the windows down, my headliner has decided that the ceiling sucks, and being ever closer to floor looks like a good idea. I’d like to get this fixed professionally given that a self repair seems complicated and my previous attempt to deal with just the edge resulted in:

  1. Glue on the glass
  2. Glue on parcel shelf
  3. Glue in my eye (wear your safety glasses kids, especially if you are inept!)
  4. The crappy job you can see on the CHMSL.
  5. Ultimate failure to keep the headliner up.

So then I have questions:

  • Should I just be looking for an automotive upholstery shop?
  • How much should I expect to spend? I have a sunroof which I assume makes things more complicated?
  • Is this sort of problem usually dealt with by repairing the existing headliner, or does the whole thing get replaced?
  • If it gets replaced, will it get replaced with a fabric that doesn’t quite match and bugs the hell out of me?
  • Any recommendations for Houston?

Thanks for the help. I’ve done some googling, but I’m not finding what I want.

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