Some of these fat athletes are starting to dip below the $20,000 range. Tavarishitus at full swing. Next year (fuckin hopefully if I keep busting ass at work) i’ll finally get my debts low enough to buy a new “to me” car by my b-day (big three - oh). What would one look for on these?


From what I’ve read so far...


I could probably do the job at home (timing cover, pan, bottom section, crank, caps, a shit to of seals, etc.)

Also, the dreaded VANOS. I had a hard time with it on my 95 M3, can’t imagine on this pig.

Random electrical and trim don’t scare me. I just wanted to maybe see if any of you rad people know someone who has/had one of if you own one. Here are other contenders that are going to drive me to bankruptcy (except the Lexus, dem shits are ultra solid)