Question, help, and a short story inside. Oh and a deep dark car-related secret I've told no one ever, so if you know me, get ready for the shock; you'll know it when you read it..

Here's the deal and this may come as a shock to you, but before there was ONE car I wanted before the 911 when I was a small child, and that exact car is for sale right now. The car in question is a 1977 C3 Vette in red with a 4spd automatic, it looks like this red one above; and it's only 6 doors down the street from my house! The car has a bored out 350 motor, has been resprayed and has a brand new interior; sure it's got some small things that's gotta be taken care of but that can be said of many cars of this vintage, but this one's pristine and ready to drive!

But what's also special about this car is it's owner. He works for a company that's out of Germany and has visited the Porsche and Mercedes museums many many times; oh and he's also the owner of the SECOND 64 1/2 Mustang off the assembly line(the car is down south though so I haven't seen it); this guy is a car enthusiast unlike any I've ever met before. He's asking $7200 for it and has been trying to sell it for more than 5 years too.

So I would like to know a couple(a lot) of things about this car, and specifically the '77 Model Year. I'd like to know the history, specs, fun facts, features, owner or previous owner experiences, pros, cons, and everything and anything you can tell me about this and the other cars please!


Also I'd love to have this car someday, not now but one day; can someone explain to me how taking a loan works and credit score and whatnot perhaps?(Yes I am crazily thinking about what it'd be like to own this Vette, an ST and a 911 all at once, and it's glorious....)

He said I could come over some time and talk cars with him, but until then have this.....well, have this Corvette Limo?