Oppo, teach me the ways of the Jeep

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My girlfriend’s sister wants to get a new (used) car, and she has decreed that it must be a Jeep of some kind. I’m no expert on their models, so I’d like a little advice on which ones to look for and which ones to stay away from. Here are her requirements:

  • Budget around $6,000, but some wiggle room available
  • Reliable enough to DD (for someone who will never ever wrench)
  • No older than 2000

Open to any and all suggestions . I know the Compass is crap, so not even considering that. Would a non–trashed, non–bro’d out Wrangler be possible at that price point? Are Wranglers reliable? My girlfriend and I would like for her to buy one so we can steal it for weekend jaunts to Lake Michigan.


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