None of us is as dumb as all of us together, so with that in mind, I am hoping that someone out here knows how to fix this.

Six or seven year old Asus laptop, running Win7. About a year ago, trying to log in with my main (and administrator profile), I started seeing this.


So, I did what any sensible person did. I went to a pawn shop and bought a cheaper slower replacement THAT WOULD ACTUALLY LET ME LOG ON so I could just get stuff done. BUT, now I would actually like to access the files and programs that are on this thing. I’m sure I could take it to Best Buy and get charged more money than it’s worth to fix this. Or, someone smarter than me can just tell me a way to either fix it, or retrieve my data. Suggestions? Friendly neighborhood NA for your time. (Whoever owns this teaches in my district at another campus, and I am totes jelly.)

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