Well, this is awkward.

What does it look like if you get banned by one of the esteemed kinja sites? I noticed something weird on Deadspin, which lead to me doing some digging. I think I’ve been banned from Deadspin, and I think it was for this.

Shortly after, I noticed zero feedback on any DS post. And now that I look back, it’s like I’ve been completely erased from DS, all the way back to when kinja moved to FB/twitter/burner accounts. It looks like the person who posted the original response in the above link was also deleted from existence. I can go to his page and see posts he’s made on DS, but they don’t show up in the comments.

I also ran a test by responding to an old post of mine, but received no notification.

Is this the new mode of operation? Kinja just permanently ghosts people now?