Oppo Thoughts? Lynk & Co. 02

Today Lynk & Co released official photos of their sedan concept: the 02. While this was a thing back in October of last year, there were only a few bad pictures of it floating around on the internet.

Until now.


One of the more interesting things about Lynk & Co to me is the way they use color. Higher trim levels of their production SUV the 01 feature bronze trim, and the 02 concept uses these fascinating iridescent pieces. Those blades in the front and rear fascias look blue here, but deep purple under different lighting or from different angles.

And the roof can appear purple, blue, or bronze depending on the light.

Purple is the best color (if you disagree you’re basically a fascist) and is criminally underused in automotive design.


The purple leather driver’s seat is perfection.


You can see more photos here.

And while Lynk & Co was unveiling their 6-month old concept, they were also testing the production model. Autoblog got some spy shots of the heavily camouflaged prototype.


Unfortunately, it does seem that the design has been neutered a bit. The overall shape is less dramatic, the rear overhang is longer, and it appears to have the chunky headlights from the 01 rather than the slimmer units on the concept.


It’s a preproduction model, so hopefully those details will change.

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