Oppo, thoughts on a MK7.5 Golf GTI?

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So, due to a various mixture of health/financial/bank stupidity reasons, we’re looking to trade in our ND on a newer car. While the Civic Si and Corolla Hatch are top of the list, I’ve thought about looking at the GTI as well. Looking for a 2015-2017, as we’d prefer the two door over the four door. It seems like there is a decent amount of GTI owners on here, so I’d appreciate the feedback.


Doesn’t help that Volkswagen changed every trim and what it includes each year between 2015-2018, which is beyond frustrating in trying to find something that has what we want without too many extras.

My main concern though is reliability in general, major issues to look out for, etc. Also a big concern is just daily driving fun - as even in mild traffic the ND tends to have a entertaining and lively personality that keeps the better half happy while commuting to work - hoping the GTI would have that same feeling.

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