Oppo throwback: a wild Jagvar sighting

Since my oldest kid starts kindergarten in a week or so (shut up, I’m not crying), we’re doing some fun things while we got her home. Last week, my wife took her hiking near the Potomac.


They had a great time, apparently. One of the highlights was when my daughter saw some guy hiking barefoot and lost her mind. “Ewwww, what is he doing? He needs to be wearing shoes. He’s a grown-up, he should know better”, essentially.

That’s funny, I said, there was an Oppo who lived around here who never wore shoes. Wife says “Really? The guy looked like [friend of ours], but with a goatee.” That’s as good a description as you’d get of Oppos old shoe-hating tetenus enthusiast, Jagvar. If it was you, hope you’re doing good out there, you shoeless wonder.


*All pics taken at a German Shepherd rescue event hosted by the local Aston Martin dealership

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