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Oppo Tips!

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We all love posting and interacting on this community known as Oppositelock. However, Kinja and his pet Nibbles do not always like to play nice. Luckily, some tech-savvy Opponauts have crated some helpful tips to make things run a little smoother.


First up is photos. These seem to give us the most frustration.

Here is a helpful guide for posting photos from- Tohru Rokuno


Here is some technical stuff about photo posting from the Gawker Techs


If you are having trouble viewing or would like to see photos in their original resolution- 6cyl to the rescue!


Just a friendly reminder, if any of your photos could be deemed NSFW (Not Suitable for Work) Please- 1) Tell us in the post title and 2) put them after the "jump" or in the reply section. Also we recommend placing a "safe" picture as your lead picture.

And here is some info on Tags if you are interested.


Thank you to all who contributed to this and if there are any more "Oppo Tips" let me know I will add them in. Also, feel free to copy/re-post this as needed.

If you are curious as to what Theme Days have been used Rosetto has been keeping a list. Go check it out.


Keep Oppo Awesome!

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