It’s about time to replace the P-Zero summer tires on my Mustang, but I’m not sure what to go with and I’m rather budget conscious. Any help would be appreciated. But I have a series of dilemmas.

My dilemma is that because of poor rotation, only the fronts are at the wear bars and the rears have maybe 1/4" of tread left at best (this is what happens when you rotate the summers yourself after winter and neglect to tell the dealership what you did and not notice until it’s too late). So I only intend moving the still good rears up front and getting new rubber for the rear.


The second dilemma is that I’ve always had a summer/winter wheel/tire setup but now I’m considering running an all-season/winter setup or all seasons entirely because of mixed feelings on whether or not I truly need summer tires. I’ve only been to the track once in the two years I’ve had the car, and never pushed the limits of the tire anywhere else to my knowledge, not even Cars and Coffee. I know that all-seasons are jacks of all trades and that an arbitrary number cannot be put on a possible loss/gain ratio between the two, but would I really be losing anything from going to all-seasons from summers?? I found the P-Zeros to be “meh”, if it means anything.

The only overall pro is that traction should arguably increase regardless because I intend on going up from 255s to 275s to better fit my 10" wheels. What would you/should I do?