Oppo Toolbox Suggestions?

Bought last year; built 10/69 and still going strong.

You can never have enough tool storage. Currently, I’m in the market for overflow storage to supplement my main toolbox above: Craftsman 65334, two drawer with lifting lid, 20"W X 8.5" D X 9.5" T.

The goals would be a 2 or 3 drawer box without a lift top that the above box would fit on top reasonably. Currently this Grizzly H0837 seems to be ticking all of the right boxes. I have neither the tool collection or the space to warrant anything bigger at the moment.


Anyone have any experience with this box, or have any other suggestions? I’d ideally like to keep the price no higher than the Grizzly. Lower is better, however.

Bonus sticker shot:

I’m an under the lid kinda sticker guy.

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