What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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Here is a rundown of my Christmas travel plans starting today:

  • Driving an hour home from work today
  • Packing the last couple of things and hopefully eating something 
  • Walking to the nearest Orange Line bus about 10 minutes away on foot and riding the bus for about 40 minutes
  • Riding a greyhound bus from North Hollywood to the downtown Greyhound station (30 minutes?)
  • Greyhound bus from LA to Las Vegas (5 hours), arriving around 5am
  • Some sort of bus from the station to the airport (25 minutes)
  • Flight from Las Vegas to Philadelphia at 1150am on Spirit Airlines with no luggage because Spirit, landing in PA around 730pm local time
  • Rental Car from Alamo at PHL
  • Drive about an hour to Edison, NJ (totals up to about 13 hours of being in motion, ~24 hours since leaving my apartment, or ~36 hours since a real bed)
  • Saturday, Sunday, Monday are family stuff
  • On Monday (christmas) Return rental car to PHL by like 7pm to make my flight
  • 825pm flight to Las Vegas on Spirit again, landing at 1106pm
  • Uber to the greyhound station to somehow make the 12am greyhound bus back to Los Angeles
  • Greyhound bus from Las Vegas to LA (5 hours), arriving around 5am
  • Greyhound bus to North Hollywood, arriving sometime around 630am
  • Orange Line bus to home, ideally after all this before 8am Tuesday
  • SLEEP ALL DAY BECAUSE I NEED SLEEP (at least there is less waiting on the way home, assuming I make that 12am bus)

Note that I will basically not sleep tonight, although I will certainly try on the bus from LA and I did pack a pillow and blanket so I will gladly find a floor to sleep on in Las Vegas airport. It will surely be miserable but hey at least I didnt pay very much for this adventure! Yeah yeah cost of time and all that, but it wasnt worth $800 to fly in and have to take off more days because otherwise it would have been $1000+. Well worth paying under $400 including all the extra meals I will end up buying to sustain myself.

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Crazy stuff like this happening would certainly make traveling suck:



How about you Oppo, anybody else doing some crazy traveling this upcoming weekend?


Because I needed something more fun than travel to end on

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